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Thanks to Twitter

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Thanks to Twitter

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Twitter has now become one of the most significant sources of communication amongst everyone in the world.  The popular social media outlet presents a variety of information from hilarious videos to sappy quotes.  Over the past few years, Twitter has become a place where people can go for help. The trend “Twitter, do your thing.” has been circulating recently. The idea is that since so many people retweet things; people post this phrase along with what they need help with if they need a lot of people to spread the word. Below are great examples how Twitter has impacted lives.

Some may consider Twitter to be ‘just another waste of time,’ but recently Twitter has done a lot of good for the world. An example of this is if there was a disaster in the world the Twitter community comes together to support.  There is a multitude of posts of people who need a transplant or surgery that they either need a donor match or they need money for the surgery. Twitter will ‘do its thing,’ and someone will find this viral tweet -if it goes viral- and be able to help out.

There was a famous tweet that spread about a grandpa who made burgers for his six grandkids, but only one of them showed up. The members of Twitter had expressed a lot of sympathy for this man that they didn’t even know. Everyone was saying that they would come over to eat his burgers. Later, the man held a cookout and sold his burgers for $2, and an immense amount of people showed up for him. This situation is a prime example of how intertwined social media has made everyone. They gathered for a man that they didn’t know because they felt terrible.

Twitter has become more of a wholesome community within the last couple of years. It can be used to find people if they are missing or generally, to help people in all kinds of ways. This use of media could potentially have an adverse side because it exposes most of your personal life. Also, there are some cases when people say that someone has wronged them, and they want the internet to help them by attacking the other person verbally or physically. This can be very dangerous in many ways, but aside from these small cases, this idea has been fantastic. Twitter is not the only type of social media that is promoting this helpful trend; most all social medias have this sense of sharing so that they can help out.  

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Thanks to Twitter