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Trends That Should Stay In 2017

Cristian Vazquez and Nicole Johnson

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How could today’s society ever survive without trends? Everyone eats, sleeps, and breathes everything that is trending on today’s social media. Although 2017 had many trends that spread worldwide, some just shouldn’t come along with us in 2018. From weird experiments to popular memes, we will cover all of the unnecessary trends of 2017.

The first trend that needs to stay in 2017 is fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are overrated. These spinners caused a worldwide addiction of nonsense. People spent their hard-earned money for a piece of plastic that spins on their fingers. Parents even supported that their children go out and buy these fidget spinners. It got to the point where people began to customize their fidget spinners, but why?

Someone that just needs to stay in 2017 is Danielle Bregoli, also known as the “Cash me ousside” girl. A girl with a nasty attitude and no creative talent should not have the right to become famous. People like her in general because who can even stand that? People are allowing ignorance to become famous, instead of positivity. What bothers us the most is that her music is full of trash. She has zero talent, and no relevance to people’s lives, therefore, she should stay in 2017.

A fashion trend that shouldn’t even dare come to 2018 are chokers. Ladies come on, this trend is getting too out of control. This trend has reached the hands of young girls, which is giving out negative impressions. Everyone can’t help but ask if they are okay, probably because they all look gothic. These types of comments make most girls feel terrible or at least some kind of way about it. Any objects that cause negative feedback, in general, should be left in 2017.

A trend that does not need to pack their bags to 2018 is homemade slime. Experiments can be fun sometimes, but this is just over the top extra. Everyone around the world started making videos on how to make the same things. We get it. This slimy science experiment even included glitter and plastic decorations. Kids opened businesses just to sell slime, why would you also buy that?                          Parents shouldn’t have to be cleaning

slime every day, and young kids should not be messing with these hazardous substances.

These four things aren’t all the ones that need to stay but are the most important. They are all just too disgusting to be relevant in 2018.  

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Trends That Should Stay In 2017