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Trey Kerns, Editor-in-Chief

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Does the thrill of being in a battle royal game like the Hunger Games excite you? Do you have a thirst for animated blood that can not be quenched? Then you are in luck! The smash hit video game Fortnight is for you! Fortnite combines the thrill of battle on an island with 100 other players with a quickly shrinking storm that will slowly kill you when you are outside of it. The game has exploded in popularity as of late with over 45 million downloads and, with the game being free, it has been extremely accessible. Being free, it has also captured the Free to Play Game of the Year which usually isn’t something that goes to a full-fledged console game like Fortnite.

The immense popularity of the game can be seen when you ask the people around you if they have heard of the game or if they play. You can also understand how addicting the game can become with winning being so intense as it is a winner takes all scenario. The game is easy to play, but hard to master which is a recipe for an addictive and fun game. Many of my friends and I have been playing non-stop since the release, and it has quickly become our favorite games. The ease to play with friends has also helped the game reach the status it has achieved. With different game modes such as Solo, Duo, and Squads, the draw to play and share this game with friends is huge which can only make the game have a broader player base.

Fortnite isn’t the first game with a battle royal style format, but it has quickly become the most popular. Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) has been the biggest rival to the Fortnight franchise, but their slow move to console players and the only playable console version being on XBox has hindered their success. On the contrary, Fortnite was launched on PS4, XBox, and PC on day one; and not to mention it was free, unlike PUBG’s $30 price tag. Most of Fortnite’s word count has come from in-game purchases such as different skins for your player or various items in the game that you can only get with purchasing the game. This implementation of in-game purchases is making more money for the Epic Games team that produces Fortnite as they built the popularity first and gave people the opportunity to make their player look different with purchases.

Fortnite is a game that is not going away anytime soon and will continue to grow with the addition of new modes and maps as the game develops.

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