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Soccer Season Is Here

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Soccer Season Is Here

Juliette Muller, Staff Writer

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Soccer is a widely known sport around the world. In fact, it is the most popular sport in the whole world. It is also very common to find players around the school who play for us. Here at Wheeler High School, soccer is a boisterous sport to play. It is finally February, and that means that soccer season has officially started. The program has been going on here for numerous years and is a prevalent sport here.

There are a lot of things the players hope to overcome this year. I interviewed some different soccer players to see how they felt about soccer. Remy Beg (11) says that he “loves the feeling of when he wins his games because that is what makes everyone happy and that is all that counts for me.” Kaylene Castaneda loves how “you can just take whatever you go through and take your anger out on the field, and it is a good escape”!

There are two different teams at Wheeler, varsity, and junior varsity. The students here have been putting in a lot of hard work and preparation for this time of year. Soccer conditioning began in October which is 2-3 months before try-outs. During their conditioning, the students work out harder than they generally do from when the season starts. This is so they can get used to the pain and pressure of what they are going to have to go through. Once they try out, they will find out if they make it on varsity, junior varsity, or none. The varsity is for the more skilled/superior team, and junior varsity is for if you are not as good. Varsity or junior varsity, they are both great teams, and you should be lucky enough to make it on either of them. After that, you will become separated onto another team according to your gender.

The soccer season starts at the end of January and goes up until April. Their hard work is going to be hopefully shown off during their season. Come out and support the players as they take on different teams from schools around Georgia! For Varsity, games are mostly every week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The girls play starting at 5:30 and the boys at 7:30. The junior varsity’s games vary during the week. Make sure you come by one of their games and watch how amazing they are. They put in blood, sweat, and tears!

Juliette Muller interviews Coach Moss
Juliette Muller interview Coach Halfacre

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Soccer Season Is Here