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Bow Down to The New Wheeler Royalty

Maria Andrade, Staff Writer

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Wheeler High School has a new King and Queen in the building. It is an ongoing tradition that the previous Spirit King and Queen pass down the crown to the new upcoming seniors that are selected to take on this role. This year our spirit royalty is Vinny Lammie and Geraldine Duque, who were chosen by our previous king and queen, Nick Muckerman and Lilianna Henriksson.

Now if you are new to Wheeler, you may be asking yourself, “What is the Spirit King and Queen?” They are the ones who decide the themes for our football games, such as white out, Hawaiian, blackout, and more. They also have to be present at every game and make sure students are coming out to all the games and supporting our football team, marching band, and cheerleaders. They do most of the advertisement for the games on social media. They also run the Instagram account @wheelerstudentsection, where all of the critical announcements go. Make sure to follow them to stay updated. Last but not least, the king and queen plan the Homecoming Pep Rally. They have to choreograph the dances, choose the songs, and pick wisely the MCs because they help cheer on the crowd.

Geraldine Duque has been at Wheeler High School all fours years and gotten know all of the previous spirit queens and kings. It was always something she aspired to do once she became a senior. Now that she is a senior, and has been chosen as the spirit queen she says she “could not be happier.” She looks forward to this year, and she thinks this will be the best year yet. She stated, “My favorite part of being the spirit queen is having all my friends with me in the student section, and cheering throughout the whole game and just having a blast.”

Vincent Lammie, better known as Vinny, has also gone to Wheeler High School all four years. Vinny’s opinion on being spirit king changed over time. He never thought about being a spirit king, and could not see himself in that role. Senior year came, and it was time for Nick Muckerman to pass down the crown. However, he did not know who would be fit for this high maintenance role. After talking to Nick Muckerman, he said that “Being spirit king is something that takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. You have to be someone to be willing to try new things and to be able to go out of your comfort zone. You can not be afraid to embarrass yourself at times.

Most importantly you have to make time out of your day to go to the games, and school events.”Throughout that day a lot of people had come to Vinny and said that they thought he would be a great fit to be the king. After thinking about it, Vinny realized that he wanted to be the king.

Everyone has high hopes for this year, and we are all excited to see what our new royalty is going to do. Hopefully, this year will be the best one yet.

Maria Andrade, Staff Writer

Maria Eduarda Andrade was born in Brazil. She is a senior at Wheeler High School and got elected class president. Her favorite high school memory is the...

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Bow Down to The New Wheeler Royalty