Setting into Volleyball Season

Makayla Beaufort, Staff Writer

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Volleyball is a complex sport played by men and women around the world. As school starts, high school volleyball season enters a new beginning. Wheeler’s volleyball team has been working nonstop over the summer to get ready for the season. Both teams, varsity and junior varsity, have new coaches that will work hard to push the girls and drive them into a successful season. Our junior varsity volleyball team started off strong with their first few games as well as their first tournament, their new coach has led them to many victories and has given them confidence, and their next few games are coming up and will be spectacular to watch.

After their first scrimmage at home and a few games, the junior varsity team had their first tournament of the season. This tournament took place at North Cobb High School. They started off strong with a win against McEachern by leading in the first two sets. This win started the tournament off very successfully and gave them the confidence needed to continue that success. After their first game, they did experience a loss. They made up for this loss by defeating Marietta, leaving the tournament with two wins. The team was able to observe different teams while they were waiting to play and watched upcoming opponents such as Hillgrove, North Cobb, and Lassiter. Overall, this tournament was a learning experience for the team and gave them more drive to play at their next game.

The new coach, Shana Rhodes, is a math teacher here at Wheeler. She pushes the girls to be the best players they can be on the court: at practice and during matches. At our first few games, she pushed the girls during each rally to earn each point and get the ball down. After talking to the girls, they find her to be a great coach and appreciate her commitment to the new team. Coach Rhodes has positioned each player very well and understands the worth of each player to the team. Our junior varsity is made of freshmen and sophomores, and they are a very talented group of young athletes.

As the season has progressed, the girls have continued on with a win-loss ratio of 9-4. The season has only just begun, and our team is ready to continue on strong and represent Wheeler. Now is the best time to come out and support the girls! There are only two more home games left! Make sure to come and check the hard work they put in and show your school spirit.