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Socks & Sandels

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Socks & Sandels

Darius Gaddy, Staff Writer

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Going into the fall, many people are tempted to wear socks with sandals. As the climate is changing from the hot ATL heat to the crisp fall climate, people naturally end up wearing their socks with their shoes. To most, this style is absurd, but throughout the year many people have become accustomed to it. You could never wear socks and sandals in the public because it would make you look very tacky and careless about yourself. However, as a society and the culture in the U.S is changing, many people are starting to accept new things.
Socks and sandals are worn best on the beach. The reason why the beach would be perfect to wear them is that it is hot out, there is a lot of people, and there is sand. Nobody wants all that hot sand and dirty water between their toes. I interviewed freshman Brooke from Wheeler High School asking her about whether or not she thought socks and sandals were acceptable to wear. She answered: “Yes, socks and sandals should be worn only if they are cool and sporty.” In my own opinion, socks and sandals can be worn to places more than just the beach. I often find myself wearing socks and sandals to the gym, where I see other people wear that as well. Wearing what makes you comfortable is very important to one’s happiness, and wearing socks and sandals happens to be very convenient to others.
One negative that I found about socks and sandals was about the difficulty to drive. Interviewed Jaylon Simpson questions about the negatives he found in wearing socks and sandals. “They make it difficult to drive, but I find them comfortable, and it goes with the sporty fit,” he explains. Socks and sandals should be worn with Nike sandals and Walmart Socks with a polo tee and shorts. Wearing this fit is common to see nowadays.
In conclusion, socks and sandals are on their way to becoming very popular around the world. My classmate Asanda quotes, “ You have to wear the right socks with the right sandals, but if you’re Darius then you should always wear socks with your sandals.” People today are more accepting of one another’s fashion. It has transcended into a statement into which people express themselves and use clothing as a way of a reveal. All in all, socks and sandals are acceptable to wear because of society today.

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Socks & Sandels