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Tragic Mac

Liza Wolfson, Staff Writer

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Malcolm James McCormick, most commonly known as the famous Mac Miller, was an American rapper, singer, and record producer. Unfortunately, on September 7th, 2018, Mac Miller’s life was cut short. He was only twenty-six. Passing away from an apparent drug overdose, Miller was found around noon in a bedroom at his San Fernando Valley home, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. First responders reveal that they were called for a patient in “cardiac arrest”. About a year before his death, Miller said the following words in The Fader, a documentary:“Overdosing is just not cool. You don’t go down in history because you overdose. You just die.” Horribly, it is unfortunate that this is the way Mac had to go down. Miller has battled substance abuse issues for years. It was something that came up again in the wake of his breakup with music artist Ariana Grande. After their breakup, Ariana made it clear that his substance abuse had been a deal breaker in their 2-year relationship.

Mac Miller performing at a concert.

Mac Miller’s music varied. He was a mix of hip-hop, but it was filled with chill vibes and ambient beats. His songs were cheerful and a glad-to-be-unhappy lyrical signature that was irresistible to the ears of the youth. Miller is one of the few hip-hop artists that have evolved so rapidly. His music streams even increased 970% following his death. People from all over the world replayed his songs in memory of him. Just in about six years, he evolved from a rapper who sang to carefree teenagers to a motivational and inspirational musician creating music with shrewd wordplay for no one but himself and the close ones around him. Wheeler High School student, Ashton, mourns that his favorite song is “Self Care”. He believes that Mac Miller was slept on and he wishes that he at least released his new album before his death. Some of Miller’s most popular songs were “Weekend”, “Self Care”, “Donald Trump”, among many other songs as well. He expanded into a creative collaborator, working with other rappers, jazz musicians and acclaimed producers.

During his last days, Mac Miller was active on social media. On September 6th, he tweeted: “I just wanna go on tour”. He also wrote that he wishes the concert series “started tomorrow”. He also posted two pictures of him that were taken by Christaan Felber. Thousands of tributes have been written in the wake of Miller’s death. May he rest in peace. His tragic death has hurt the hearts of his listeners.


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Tragic Mac