Homecoming Festival

Morgan Hughes, Staff Writer

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Last week on October 4, Wheeler hosted its annual homecoming parade and festival. The festival had a food truck, face and pumpkin painting, and a dunk tank where you could see Dr.Giles splash into the water. Overall the festival had a great turn out because of the many friends and family that came out to support the organizations and also the school.

The food truck that was there had fantastic food. Right after the parade, many people were ready to get something to eat after the walk from the church. The line took up about half of the parking lot. As people took a bite out of their food, the biggest smile came onto their face. “This is the best food I’ve had in a while,” stated N’asia Smith.                                                                                                                                             

Face and Pumpkin painting was a favorite to many little kids. They were excited to get there face painted with Wheeler spirit. I saw several kids walking around with a blue and yellow W on their cheek or dots going across their face with the school’s colors. Some of the parents were oddly excited to decorate pumpkins with their children.

The main attraction of the festival was the dunk tank. Everyone lined up to take a shot to knock Dr.Giles in the water. Many people were able to dunk Dr.Giles into the water. A couple of boys from the football team tried to dunk him in the water but sadly missed the target. Even Varsity Quarterback, Cj Ogbonna, was called out to take a shot. He got in his stance ready to throw, then lost the mark. As Cj turned his back starting to walk away, he heard a splash. He turned around to see a 5-year-old hot the target and dunk Dr.Giles in the water.