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Trump Denies Visas to Same-Sex Couples

Makayla Beaufort, Staff Writer

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In recent events, the Trump administration has decided to deny visas to unmarried same-sex partners for foreign diplomats and United Nations employees. This decision drew sharp criticism from gay rights advocates, including those working for the United Nations. With this, increased hardships have emerged on same-sex couples in countries that don’t validate and criminalize same-sex marriage.
A visa is used for citizens of a foreign country that want to enter another country. Most travelers must obtain a visa to enter the United States, but some travelers can travel visa-free. The policy that the Trump administration established not only affects those who can not travel visa-free, but also those who are unable to marry his or her significant other because it is illegal. Only 12% of United Nations states allow same-sex marriage is making it somewhat impossible for same-sex couples to obtain a visa. Domestic partners that already have a visa and are unmarried must get married. When they are married, the couple will have to show their proof of marriage to the State Department by December 31st or leave the country within 30 days.
The administration states that there will be “limited exceptions” with this policy, however, those who serve in the U.S. would receive exceptions. As of October 9, 2018, 105 families will be affected by this change. Many believe that this is an unfair change in rules because same-sex couples already have limited when it comes to marriage. This policy, again, was put in place to ensure equal treatment because opposite-sex domestic partners are also unable to obtain a visa if they are unmarried. The administration may not have thought about how same-sex marriage is treated around the world and the experiences that affected their lives.
Overall, people across the United States are expressing their views and opinions on this new political statement. Many think that Trump intended to be discriminatory while others find it to be fair and just. As stated before, the goal of this policy was to create equality because heterosexual couples entering the United States have the same rules in place. However, the administration may not have realized how difficult it is for same-sex couples to have rights in their society, let alone marry. Those with and without a visa will be profoundly affected by Trump’s policy and will have to figure out a way to marry if their country criminalizes same-sex marriage.


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Trump Denies Visas to Same-Sex Couples