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Netherworld 2018

Tanner Gottschalk, Staff Writer

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Netherworld is a self-guided, walk-through haunted house attraction just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Netherworld is the biggest haunted attraction in Georgia and brings many people to the house when it is open. The haunted house is filled with all types of things to scare you while walking through. Many people who attend, enjoy Netherworld and only have good things to say about it. Wheeler senior, Remy Begg says,” I love Netherworld. It’s one of the best-haunted attractions to go to, and I would recommend going there.” Remy goes every to Netherworld every year and is very excited for this season of Netherworld.

Netherworld is known for its original ideas and storyline to scare people. This years theme for Netherworld is “The Awakened” and “Subject Unknown.” The theme of “The Awakened” is mummies and the theme of “Subject Unknown” is viruses. Wheeler junior, Ashton Cordisco says, ”This year’s themes are great. I love how the mummies come out of nowhere to come and scare you and Netherworld did a great job putting it all together.” Netherworld switches up their themes every year to bring in more people and still get them as scared as every previous year.

Many people attend Netherworld a year, and the lines can get very long. The line to get into the house usually takes 20-30 minutes. The wait may seem tedious, but the workers in costumes are always walking around trying to scare you before you even enter the house. Wheeler senior, Victor Leao says, ”The lines are long, but it’s not very boring with your friends and when all the characters are right by you trying to scare you.” When you finally reach the front of the line and enter the house, it usually takes about another 20-30 minutes to walk through the whole building. Those 20-30 minutes in the house is a lot scarier than the time waiting in line because they are throwing everything they have at you to try and scare you!

The haunted house is open 7:30 pm-10:30 pm on weekdays and open 7:30 pm-midnight during the weekend. Netherworld is only open in October because of Halloween, so it is once in a year event to attend to. Since it is just open in October, make sure to attend if you like getting scared to death because this only happens once a year! You can buy your tickets online at www.fearworld.com or in line at Netherworld.




Tanner Gottschalk, Staff Writer

Tanner Liam Gottshalk is a current junior at Wheeler High School. He is an easy-going person, who is often described as funny and entertaining by his friends....

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Netherworld 2018