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College App Season

Noah Welkis, Staff Writer

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College Applications can be a very stressful time for students. Some have their dreams crushed, and others fulfill them. Now whether you do or do not get into your dream school, that does not define you as a person. There is a place for everyone in college. It could range from Junior College all the way up to a prestigious Ivy league school. The process for applying to colleges in quite simple. You can gather information about a school and ask for recommendations from teachers through Naviance. Recommendations are significant when it comes to applying. They show a glimpse of what the student is like from an adult perspective. Proposals are not required, but they are a big aid when it comes to applying. Another great tool to use when applying is Common App. This website is an alternative to submitting applications. It provides a less complicated way to file applications with less stress too. Most schools have an account on Common App, but if they do not, then you have to submit your form on their website. Applying on the college’s website is not as bad as others make it sound. Some schools have straightforward application procedures, while others have very irritating ones. Some colleges require an essay, but some do not. It all depends on the criteria and what the college prefers. The application deadline differs depending on the school. Some are in the early fall, winter, early spring, and even late spring.

An example is the University of Georgia; their early action deadline was October 15th. Since UGA is a decently tricky school to get into most students apply during the first deadline to hopefully secure their spot. But when you apply during the early period, you most likely have your mind set on attending that school. One essential item to put on your application is community service hours. Make sure you get out and help the community because those hours look good on a resume. Some examples of community service are picking up trash, giving food to the poor, building houses, donating clothes, etc. Also, extracurricular activities show a positive effect on applications. There should not be any reason to stress about college applications unless you procrastinate. Also, do not stress over not getting into your dream school, there is a place for everyone as long as you be a good student and maintain academic success.


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Noah Welkis, Staff Writer

Noah Joseph Welkis is a 17-year-old senior here at wheeler high school and loves to play baseball and video games. He was born on June 26, 2001, in Marietta,...

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