Can the Wildcats Get Back on Track?

Jaden Ross, Staff Writer

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Going into the Campbell game, the Wildcats were seeking a win after two devastating back-to-back losses, dropping from 5-0 to 5-2. After talking to several players, they have all agreed on the same thought: “It is time to get back on track.” With the Wildcat’s playoff hopes are now on the line, the players are playing week by week, hoping to recover. According to starting Defensive Lineman Darius Williams, “The team needs to stay focus during practices and put in more work in the weight room.” Fortunately, last Friday, the Wildcats took their teammates advice and beat the Campbell Spartans in a huge 62-56 win. Although it was not the best of successes the Wildcats have seen, they are still relieved their losing streak has now come to an end. Defensively, Wheeler’s football team did not perform to their maximum potential.

In contrast, the Wildcat’s offensive had a stellar night. Starting quarterback CJ Ogbonna was 13/16 (81% completion) and had four touchdowns. In response to how he performed Friday night, Ogbonna says, “I had a good game, and it felt good knowing that the offense’s chemistry was clicking all night, but there is still room for improvement from the whole team to make it to the playoffs in two weeks.” In preparation for upcoming games against the Westlake Lions and Pebblebrook Falcons, Defensive Coordinator Julian Todd has decided that an adjustment in the defense’s playbook was needed. After being asked what improvements have helped the team so far, he responded that “The more we do 1-on-1 drills in practice, the better we will be prepared for the away game Friday.” Now that the losing streak is over, and the Wildcats have won at home, the team’s focus is now on achieving an away win versus the 6-2 Westlake Lions. Junior Outside Linebacker Aakil Washington says, “It feels good getting out of a losing streak, now we have to stay focused and keep rolling.”

Additionally, Sophomore Running Back, who is injured, believes, “Since I’m injured, and, on the sidelines, I see the energy of my team getting better after each drive. The confidence after this win has gone up in all 11 plays on the field.” This Friday, the Wildcats are ready to upset the Lions hopes of being the region champions. Players and coaches are prepared to take over another county and successfully to beat Westlake High School and to become 7-2.