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Wheeler’s Best In 25 Years

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Wheeler’s Best In 25 Years

Jack Casey, Staff Writer

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The Wheeler Wildcats suffered their first loss this past week against Newnan High School with a final score of 36-38. It was homecoming week, and as we’ve seen so far this year, our student section was large, excited, and most importantly loud. It was the Friday before the homecoming dance, which means everyone in the crowd was covered in Wheeler gear and was expecting another win which was crucial as this game was the first opponent Wheeler has faced in the region. The Wildcats had everything going for them. Everything except the officials calling the game.
This year the football team could without question be considered a second-half team. This game had a very low scoring first half for the Wildcats only getting one touchdown in the second quarter while Newnan had 17 points on the board. It wasn’t looking good until after halftime when a sudden 22 points were earned by Wheeler (three touchdowns, one of which they went for 2 and succeeded) after going back and forth when it came to scoring with Newnan scoring two touchdowns. At this point, the score was 29-31, and it ended the third quarter with the same score. Being such a close game and still having an entire quarter to play led most, including me to believe that Wheeler would achieve the impossible and reach a 6-0 record which has never been done. With seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, Newnan scores. With three minutes left Wheeler scored for the last time, and from there Newnan stalled the clock to end the game.
As I mentioned before, everything was in Wheeler’s favor except the referees. In the fourth quarter, Wheeler scored twice, however, a holding call gave them a penalty and the first touchdown did not count. This was before each team got their final touchdown in the game. I believe along with many others that this “holding call” was incorrect and unfair towards the team. Yes, there is obvious bias as I wanted my school to win. However, it was said that the officials were not from the area, preferably somewhere in middle Georgia. Also, if you look back at footage of the game the flag was thrown after Wheeler scored. So this brings two possible scenarios to the situation. 1. The referees were simply biased and had their influence on officiating the game. 2. They don’t have a bias, but instead weren’t properly doing their job if they call holding after a touchdown was made. I’m not sure why someone on an offensive line would still be facing one of their defenders after we scored.
Unfortunately, whether it was biased or I’m just frustrated with Wheeler’s first loss of the season (which I’ll admit is probably the case), nothing can be done to change it. Wheeler High School is now 5-1 with a 0-1 region record, and we should all still be proud of that! The fact that they were undefeated for five, technically six including a scrimmage, hasn’t happened since the early 90’s is a fantastic accomplishment. If you put that into perspective that was when my mom was a student here and we haven’t had as good of a football team since.


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