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Miss WHS Pagent

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Miss WHS Pagent

Juliette Muller, Fundraising

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Wheeler High School’s beauty pageant tradition has been going on for more than 20 years. It is a fundraiser for the Wheeler cheer team. The funds go toward the end of the year celebration.
Many people may be curious as to how the judges define “beauty.” Beauty pageants encourage people to rate women based on superficial standards. That is not the case here at Wheeler. The contestants must uphold a variety of factors and aspects to have a chance at being crowned Miss WHS. Professional judges base the winners off of GPA, community involvement, and teacher recommendations. The pageant teaches students that beauty comes from the inside, not on the outside.
There are a variety of categories to win in the pageant. Haley Price won Miss Congeniality for her bubbly personality. Whytnei Willis won Freshman Miss WHS. Tajanae Thompson won Sophmore Miss WHS, 4th runner-up. Madyson James won Junior Miss WHS, 3rd runner-up. Samantha Stone won Senior Miss WHS, 2nd runner-up. Alex Said won Miss WHS runner-up. Katie-Rose Slade won the Miss WHS.
I interviewed a couple of winners to get their opinions on the pageant. I got Alex said’s (11) thoughts on being runner-up, “I am proud to be runner-up. I would also like to congratulate Katy-Rose Slade for being crowned Miss WHS. She is a hard working woman and does a lot for this school and helps around her community.” Katy-Rose Slade (12) quotes “I feel very honored to win, it’s a total surprise, and I didn’t expect to win. I am glad and grateful to have won the pageant.”


Katie Rose Slade- Winner


Top Six contestants                                                                                                Pageant Contestant


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