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Teenage Driving

Tanner Gottschalk

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Driving as a teenager in the United States has many restrictions and rules to the person operating. There are different classes of license with varying rules for each category. The first class obtained is Class CP(also known as the learner’s permit). This class is granted to a teen when reaching age 15 after successfully passing a written examination. A passenger must accompany teens under this class over the age of 21. The second class obtained is Class D. Class D regards to drivers 16-18 years old who has held Class CP for 12 months. The driver during the first six months of his/her Class D license shall not be able to drive any passengers other than immediate family members. After the six months are over, the driver may be accompanied by one passenger that is not an immediate family member. When the driver has had their Class D license for 12 months, they may be accompanied by three other passengers. The third class obtained is granted to drivers when they reach the age of 18. When the driver has reached the age of 18, they are unrestricted to the number of passengers in the vehicle.

With the privilege of driving as a teenager, there do come restrictions to the class license. Before you are eligible for the Class D license, you must go through Joshua’s Law. Joshua’s Law requires you to complete a driver’s education course and also have at least 40 hours of supervised driving including 6 hours at night. Young drivers are expected to go through all these steps and restrictions so fewer accidents will be caused. An average of 9 teens are killed a day from car accidents and an average of 5,864 teens are killed every year. The cause of deaths involve DUI, texting while driving, and even just distracting the driver by having other passengers they are restricted to be driving.

Restrictions are made to help teens and other drivers be safe on the road. But some teens don’t mind the limits they are given while they are holding their license. Class D license holder and student at Wheeler, Jack Casey, says, “I don’t mind the rules. When I first got my license, I thought it was annoying, but now it’s chill. And the rule where you can’t drive from midnight until five am. I don’t care about because I don’t drive at that time. The restrictions on licenses should not be changed to save the lives of teens and others on the road.”

With supporters of the rules on teens license, some people do not support how teens should be driving. Many people think there should be a change in the regulations. Class D license holder and student at Wheeler, Kylen Davis, was asked if he thinks there should be a change in the provisions of the Class D license. “There should be a change on the rules of how we drive. I think it’s unnecessary for us to go through all these restrictions and steps to be able to drive a couple of people in the car.”

Teen driver being pulled over for violating the law.

Teenager getting their Class D license

Driver violating the law by texting and driving while also having another passenger in the car.

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