Atlanta Brings Home MLS Cup

ATL United players celebrating after winning MLS Cup

ATL United players celebrating after winning MLS Cup

Noah Welkis, Staff Writer

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This past Sunday Atlanta United played Portland FC in the MLS Championship. Atlanta killed it. They won 2-0 and took home the trophy. This is such a significant achievement for them and will not be the last championship they win for a while. Atlanta has such a young team, and their potential is through the roof. They should win many more cups in the future. Martinez has been their chief leader and soul striker. He leads the team and goals and hopes to be an MLS all-star again. He is Atlanta United’s best player when it comes to scoring and has led them to many victories this season. Soccer is a team game, but when it comes to leadership, he has put the team and city on his back. Atlanta United has multiple All stars and USA players. They are considered one of the most dominant teams in United States Soccer. Last year United did reasonably well but not as good as this year. It was evident that they put in hours of hard work and made sure that they were the best contenders for a championship this year.

It was an insane Futbol match. Martinez scored first and set the tone for his squad. Portland did not stand a chance on the offensive end. Atlanta’s defence locked them up all game. They did not get as shot attempts as they wanted. Escobar scored the second goal for United. He sealed the deal and gave them a definite advantage. At that point, it was all up to the defence to keep doing their job. Portland kept pounding at the goal, but United would not give in. They closed it out and defended the Portland offensive with authority resulting in a score of 2 to 0 to give United their very first Cup. The crowd started roaring; United fans everywhere burst out with joy.

Josef Martinez holding MLS Cup

When the whistle blew in the 90th minute, Atlanta went crazy. They are one other youngest teams in MLS history to win the cup. Some argue that MLS soccer is a joke compared to Euro league futbol, but some forget that certain MLS players used to play in other countries. Therefore they took the talent to the U.S and brought more expertise. They put the city on their back and made up for all the other Atlanta sports teams. Although Atlanta United is a new club fan take pride in how they play and carry themselves. United did not live up to the “Atlanta teams hype” of choking in the playoffs. They have been the first Atlanta team to win a championship since the Atlanta Braves did it in the mid-1990s. United is Atlanta’s youngest and newest team and will be a prestigious contender for many years to come. Hopefully, they can start a trend of championships for the other Atlanta teams. The city of Atlanta can take great pride in their excellent squad going forward.