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Bird Box: Movie Review & Internet Sensation

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Bird Box: Movie Review & Internet Sensation

Vicky Vassileva, Staff Editor

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Recently, a movie called Birdbox became a massive hit after being streamed on Netflix. This movie grasped the attention of thousands of people based off of the interesting post-apocalyptic thriller plot of a mysterious monster that ultimately leads people to commit mass suicide. Main character Malorie embarks on a dangerous journey after chaos erupts in California and the monster (not depicted) manipulates people to commit suicide just by looking at it. A small group of people collect in a home where Malorie and others try to assist as many people as possible away from outside. These survivors try to avoid coming in contact with the monster the best that they can. Malorie and her children are ultimately forced to go on a critical voyage down a river where a promised sanctuary lies, traveling completely blindfolded.

After Birdbox blew up, many movie critics had very contrasting opinions on the movie. Some critics claimed it “squanders an opportunity for thoughtful commentary on trauma and survival” and “the pieces feel forcibly screwed together.” Many believed the movie was poorly filmed and lacked emotion. Others, however, strongly felt that BirdBox had “spine-tingling suspense” and the actors’ performances were great and elevated the film altogether.

Some Wheeler students were asked to provide their thoughts on Birdbox, their favorite and worst parts, and whether they thought the monster should have been displayed. Senior Jillian Meharg states, “My favorite part was when they went into the grocery store and got the birds which were a big symbol in the movie. My least favorite when Tom died because he was cute. I think the monster was evil and showing it would have ruined the whole suspense of the movie.” Another student, Willow Riney stated, “Birdbox was honestly a really good movie. I loved the plot; I thought it was super interesting. I hated the part where the mental guy caused so many of the survivors to die in the house. I think if they showed the monster it could have made the movie less interesting. Overall, I really loved it.”

Quickly after the movie came out, the Bird Box challenge instantly became viral. Replicating the blindfold aspect of the movie, people are recreating the film by blindfolding themselves and going out doing their daily activities while videotaping themselves. Inevitably, things go completely wrong as people do incredibly dumb things. All over the internet, people have posted their blindfolded experiences which can span anywhere from just walking around the store, to driving on the highway.

Infamous scene that became a viral meme

So far, there haven’t been any severe injuries, only mild ones such as walking into walls, tripping over the curbs on sidewalks, and running into other things. Also, people have replicated scenes, such as paddling in bathtubs and even running in living rooms. In response to this meme challenge, Netflix quickly issued a warning exclaiming, “Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.” Birdbox became the most watched film on Netflix within the first seven days of its release and has spiraled into an internet sensation.

Vicky Vassileva, Online Editor

-Vicky Vassileva is a senior at Wheeler High School. She plays soccer for the Wheeler Varsity team and NASA Tophat and has been playing for more than ten...

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Bird Box: Movie Review & Internet Sensation