Vinny Lammie, Staff Writer

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Apple came out with a revolutionizing headphone that has blown up. It started with people

Hating on airpods, saying “they look weird,” but now they are dominating the market for totally-wireless headphones. Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that came out in December 2016, automatically connecting to any Apple device. Some of their unique features include being about to stop the music by just taking one Airpod out, and starting the music again as soon as you put it back in. Also, it has a unique customizable double tap feature, where you can double tap the Airpod to pause the song, talk to Siri, or even change the tune. The airpods come with a case that charges them, with just 15 minutes of charging equals 3 hours of battery life. They are sold for $159.00, with a 38% increase in sales in just a year, according to Joe Rossignol of MacRumors.


AirPods are incredibly popular, and they are seen more and more places—in the gym, in coffee shops, schools and just wherever people are enjoying music on their Apple devices. Recently, the airpods became a meme on social media.  It all started after Christmas 2018 when Airpods was the first Christmas gift people were receiving. Apple stores worldwide were getting sold out, causing a shortage because of the high demand. It became a “flex” or fashion statement and eventually turning into a meme. It was a meme that differentiates the “poor from the rich.” It evolved from being a mockery item where they were called “ugly” to a fashion item in just a couple of months.


People would start saying things like “You’re too broke for me,” implying Airpod owners didn’t associate themselves with non-Airpod owners. Airpods represent a humble way to brag about one’s wealth. A list was created that named the top ten richest people in the world, Airpod owners were number one, above Amazon CEO’s, etc. Nicky Johnson, a sophomore at Wheeler High School, shared his opinion on Airpods. He said, “I don’t like them, because I feel like I’m going to lose them. I feel like they are easy to steal, which will cause a lot of drama I don’t need. I have headphones already, and they work just fine. This whole meme doesn’t pressure me in any way to get them. I think they’re ugly and overrated, too.”


To conclude, Apple is planning to release Airpods 2 and a wireless charging case for AirPods to sit on its AirPower charging mat.

“One of the airpod memes” (Taken from google images)

“A Classmates airpods” (Taken by Vinny Lammie)