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Field Day

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While the rest of Wheeler was taking standardized tests, the class of 2018 was out on the football field enjoying the annual field day. It was a great day for the senior class to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. It was a memorable day filled with friendly competition and lots of sweating.

We had some strange events this year such as the pumpkin race and the silly clothes race. For the pumpkin race, each homeroom had to move the greased up pumpkin in a straight line along the width of the football field and back by putting the pumpkin either over their heads or between their legs in an alternating pattern. Dr. Ice’s homeroom (yellow team)  took the dub in that event as well many others (more on them later). The silly clothes race consisted of 4 members from each group putting on strange pieces of clothing as fast as they could and running towards their side and taking the clothes off.  It was quite a sight to see Emma Greenspan dash across the field while wearing the ridiculous, oversized outfit. The balloon hop race was also an enjoyable event to watch. Teams of 4 had to hop towards the goal line with a balloon in between their legs. Savanna Griffin led the yellow team to victory in this event. Of course, there was also the pie eating contest.  Henrike Gielov “took the pie” by eating his lemon meringue pie faster than everyone else. Senior Class President Jake Pereira showed his competitive spirit by shoving his entire face into his pie.

We have a lot of fast people in the senior class including track star Javon Moore who is ranked in the top 10 in the state in the 100-meter dash. He destroyed the competition in the men’s 100-meter dash while female’s 100-meter dash was highlighted the rest of the Wheeler track team. In the 4×100 meter relay, the yellow team was carried to victory by a strong showing by yours truly. The other races were the crab walk, leapfrog, and horse race; all were very entertaining to watch.

The most anticipated event of the day was the tug of war. This event was different from the traditional tug of war because four teams were pulling at once. Once a team let the rope go over their plane, they were eliminated and sent to lunch. The navy blue team won it all by defeating each homeroom in a battle of strength.

All in all, it was a great day. Personally, I enjoyed being able to hang out with my friends and play fun games while the rest of the school was testing. I also enjoyed the fact that my homeroom got celebratory ice cream. For all you underclassmen, when your field day comes around, enjoy it and bring glory to your homeroom.

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Field Day