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  • October 11Edith Ambriz wins Homecoming Queen!

  • October 11Lady Wildcat Water Polo Wins State Championship

Tesia Baptiste
Tesia Baptist is an African American 15-year-old girl who has a lot in store for her . this biography contains her past, present, and what she wants to do in the future. Starting off Tesia Baptist was born September 24, 2002, in Miami, Florida. Tesia has four siblings, one older brother two older sisters and a younger brother. Her best memory with them was going to Disney world.
Tessa's favorite subject in school is biology and when I asked her why she said ” um it's no specific reason it just comes easily to me”.i also asked her what your goals in school she said to graduate with a good GPA and to go to college are.

Tesia Baptiste, Staff Writer

Sep 20, 2018
Tommy’s New Line (Story)
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